I’m back from vacation! Well, I’ve been back from Monday, but I was too lazy to post a news update. It wouldn’t have been very exiting after five hours of driving. XP

So this is the last episode of the movie night thingy. Thus ends the short storylines for probably maybe ever. Starting on Tuesday begins the longest storyline so far. Basically it’s almost three seasons long. I’m not even kidding. It was originally supposed to be about a season, but Dean and I agreed that it needed at least two seasons, and so it ended up being about three seasons, because we needed a season just to lead up to the huge storyline. I will just say that it involves Alicia, Jason, Jenny, Kyle, Erin, Julie, Meg, Chris and Evie going to another state, and one wild week.

And I’m not even finished writing it yet, that’s how epic it is… I’m a little worried because we know what’s going to happen, but when it comes to actually writing it and the dialog and such, it’s a bit different. There are many more things to work out. But it’ll be done. At some point. Before you get to season nine, I can almost promise that. Plus season nine and ten are essentially the same season, it’s just a two parter. And since season nine starts immediately after season eight ends, there probably won’t be any more recaps… you’ll just have to read it, new peoples!

OK, so I think that’s a long enough explaination for now.

Enjoy the comic! (And I’ll have the fan service done soon ^^; )