I realized when the time came to drop the first F-bomb in the comic, two things needed to be required. One, it actually had to add some force, I don’t like to just throw around the word. And two, it had to be Kyle.

I suppose this week’s comic makes up for last week’s horrible-looking background. I just don’t really like that background, but I love this one. Probably cause I put so much effort into it, and I couldn’t wait to use it again… I haven’t used it since season four.

As for stuff going on here, the convention was totally awesome. I bought too much stuff, and I talked to some really awesome people. One of whom was Norman Katz, a comic artist/writer who drew me some fan art, and I’ll put it up at some point when I make an art page. Also I met the Comiku Girls, who drew me a commission (of me, heehee) and I’ll get that up too at some point. There’s some really rad stuff I got. I can’t wait to go to my next convention (and spend more $$$!).

So as usual, I hope everyone enjoys the comic… and see you next week!