Gah… First of all, I’m really sorry about the late update… I’ve been hella busy and the two times a week updates are kinda hard when your working as much as I do… plus this weekend was Memorial Day so we had a big cookout and it was awesome, but I wasn’t able to start the comic until yesterday, and I finished it up today… several hours late, but hopefully you guys understand.

But I believe this episode is pretty much worth the wait. Not only because it’s cheesecake-tascular, but also because of all the resolvement happenin’. The best part is that this is pretty much the end of Kyle and Jenny’s relationship disasters for now…. OR IS IT? No, but really it is… or IS IT??!!? Nah, it is. And his ride is now officially pimped! Take that, Xzibit!

And Erin is technically in the comic now! Not in “person,” but it’s only a matter of time…

So I have a couple of days off this week so I’m DEFINITELY going to get a bit ahead, so I shouldn’t have to worry about having any more late updates anytime soon. I’m really sorry again! Gozaimasu!

OK, so enjoy the comic. 🙂