This is one of those episodes where it took some time to figure out. When Dean and I were writing the season (we usually write the major storyline for a season in one day, the actual script writing takes longer, however) we had this one idea which was simply titled “sex montage.” At first, this would take place over a couple of episodes, or days, whatever, but in the end it ended up ending the following Monday after Kyle and Jenny lose their virginity to each other.

As for the last panel, that was added by Dean. Once I write the dialogue for an episode (I do about 95% of the script writing, more or less… He writes about 75-80% of the major storylines, however) he doesn’t usually have any problems with it, but he thought the last panel would be a better ending than the second to last panel.

As for what Kyle and Jenny are doing to each other in each of the previous situations above, I will leave that to your perverted imaginations.

Not that your imaginations are perverted.