Hey everybody. How is your March going so far? Mine’s good.

So how is everyone enjoying the comic? I haven’t heard many negative comments, so that’s always good. Can you believe some people actually complained when I put sex in the comic? You shouldn’t be on the Internet if you don’t want to see sex. Plus there’s that ever-present handy 16+ rating at the top of the page. I thought that that was pretty obvious.

Sorry about the lack of art over vacation… I really have no excuse for that. I was busy sitting on my butt and playing WoW all vacation. And I mean all vacation. Really I should’ve taken a break a few times, but I get sucked in, and Dean is so persuasive…

But that is no excuse.

Well… seven and a half weeks left of school for me (woot!) and I will be updating twice a week again soon after. Oh yeah, and I gotta start working again, too. Can’t forget about that.