And so the next main character, Jennifer Woods is introduced. I think Jenny is the balance between all of the friends. Without her, they’d just be a bunch of punks. Which I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, but she makes things just a little more interesting. Jenny was originally based on my best friend, but she has changed a little drastically since creating my story into a comic, that I don’t think she’s much like her anymore. Jenny is her own person now, and she’s way too Goth to be my friend.

I know Jenny is going to be quite different as the comic progresses, because even though she’s the second youngest of the friends, she’s also the most mature. Also, she was supposed to be the sarcastic one, but I decided that wasn’t going to happen because Alicia was based on me. And I’m pretty damn sarcastic.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading about my different characters. I based almost every one of them on people I know. And hopefully soon I’ll get a cast section up so you can read even more about them!
See ya!