This question is all too easy to answer. Having a little sister myself (and two little brothers, and an older sister), I ask myself this all the time. I’m sorry I never actually indicated Alicia’s little sister’s name. It’s Tiana. A few things about her: she goes to a private school, which explains her uniform and you never see her hands, because she loves having huge long sleeves. And she’s extremely weird.

Which explains why she has an iguana named Fluffy.

So this episode is basically taken from real life. (Who’s life hasn’t it been taken from?) My sister still shares a room with me (for now *evil laugh*!!!) And um, she walks in a lot. Annoyingly. But my sister doesn’t have an iguana named Fluffy. Actually, she has a very porcine Boston Terrier named Starr.

Well, that’s about it for this week, I guess. I promise it gets better (The comic).