It was REALLY hard to do this episode. But please, you gotta trust me on this one… it’ll be worth it. (And Jeez, if Jason didn’t have enough fans already…)

I’m pretty happy for the most part with the way the drawing came out, for all it’s worth. Um, but yeah, it was hard. *Sigh*…. *drifts off*

But on a happier note, since I’ve finished most of my finals, one of them happened to be this nifty little Flash video I did. And yes, this will be the first official announcement I will make to announce that JD will be update TWO TIMES A WEEK (for the summer, then I gotta get back to school). I’m super excited and I’ve been thinking about it for a really long time (a couple of months) but I’ve decided that it will be so. Tuesday and Friday it will be, DON’T FORGET! I don’t want anyone to miss an episode! This summer will be pretty much season five in its entirety, and if you thought season four is good (so far)… whoo boy.

Well, I thought I didn’t have much to say, but it seems that I did (as usual). Enjoy the episode as much as you can, and I will see you next week!