So I am attempting to start getting a little bit ahead in finishing episodes up. I just finished this week’s episode as I’m writing it, and it’s about 1:30. So I’m doing good. Even with extra job offers and appointments and such, I will continue to update on time, and hopefully (what I’m aiming for) in a couple of weeks update on Tuesdays as well. I will post here on the site before I update twice a week when the exact date will be.

So, hopefully everyone is enjoying the storyline. In case anyone doesn’t know (which there are probably plenty of you who don’t) who Andy is, he’s the guy Alicia was talking to in the last season, during the party. He’s not really that important of a character, all you really need to know is that he’s a cheating bastard, and he won’t be around long. Probably cause I hate him too much to keep drawing him. Originally he was supposed to be much more important, but Dean and I scrapped that idea.

As for extra artwork, there is a fan service picture up on DeviantArt that you can all look at. You’ll have to log in though, because it’s mature-rated. You’ll find out soon enough, if you haven’t already seen it. But thank you everyone for the 6000 hits! And it’s already close to 6200 as I’m writing this… Jeez! It’s getting hard to keep up! But I love you guys for reading anyway! Yay!

So, I’ve talked long enough. Just keep coming back to check for updates. It probably won’t be until the middle of May, but I will definitely post everywhere I can when I start updating twice a week.

Thanks to everyone, and enjoy ze comic!