Oh, the implications.

7 thoughts on “Unsupervised

  1. Does that make her a mean drunk?

    1. Nah, Missy deserves it.

      1. For what? Corky was the girl that ruined hints for Erin when she kissed her, and I don’t really remember anything she did before hat (sorry currently archive binging, and it just doesn’t seem right)

        1. It wasn’t super obvious, but Missy was the one who got them all in trouble for running off to Colorado… She also got the Jason and Alicia marriage rumors started in the Vegas storyline.

          I guess it’s not really touched upon, but Missy in general just enjoys people’s suffering. Especially when it comes to her step-siblings.

        2. I was actually more curious about her being nice…ish (underage drinking) to corky. I think my phone changed things to hints in my previous statement.

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