The JD Creative Process

Erk, sorry for the huge file! >< I thought it might be interesting to show you guys how exactly a page of Juvenile Diversion is made, so I whipped this up! I mentioned Emy Bitner in it, she is a fantastic person, who has a fantastic sci-fi comic called Trying Human, and she did an amazingly kickass commission of our fab four last year :D Hope you enjoy! ^^ See you guys next week with season nineteen! :D

4 thoughts on “The JD Creative Process

  1. That’s a lot of work, but it ends up looking great!

    1. Thanks so much! 😀

  2. I have this terrible urge to say something along the lines of, “Couldn’t finish a comic this week, huh?” But that’d be raw, and I know it’d be raw, so I’ll have to content myself with this.

    1. Well, I did warn you guys last week!

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