And Never Brought to Mind

And that's it! That's the end of this story line... And 1988. D: It took me nearly nine years to cover five and a half months XD Next week will be filler, (I'm going to show you guys something you've never seen before!) ... which works out really well because I have lots of stuff going on next week, and it's probably going to be difficult for me to get a whole lot of art done. But the week after Dean has off from work, and I don't have any reason not to get a bunch of arts done, and the first page of season NINETEEN... whew... You guys wanna know what it's about? Even though it might be pretty obvious from Jenny's crying at the end, but the name of the next story line is...

Hungry Like the Wolf


4 thoughts on “And Never Brought to Mind

  1. Nice wrap-up. Each panels “says” alot even though there is zero dialogue.

    1. Thank you! 😀

  2. Oh Kyle…we sense such horrible things afoot for you Kyle.

  3. *Plays sad song on violin*

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