Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! Have a safe and fun day. That's the end of the chapter! I think this pretty much explains and wraps up everything ;) See you in a couple of weeks! (Also that's the weekend of Green Mt. Comic Expo :D)

6 thoughts on “Symphony

  1. …I think you might have to think again. But then you did add that winky face, so some facetiousness is implied.

    I guess Jason’s gay now? Well, it IS the first genuine physical affection he’s received all comic, so that’s a possibility, I suppose.

    1. You don’t “become gay.” There’s not this light switch that flips as soon as you do something sexual/romantic with the same sex.

  2. feel a bit weird after seeing is future self in love with autumn breeze and chasing Alicia for so long. Maybe it’s just a phase for him after chasing Alicia for so long and having his heart broken. I have no problem with it, it’s good to see a male gay character in the group, but it just feel like a 180 and we didn’t see how Jason just came to accept it.

  3. I finally found a guy to complete my facial hair. I was always missing the chin part!

  4. Fuchsia Night! Ha! I had Completely Forgotten that we’d first seen Nick in that band. Thanks for making me laugh and smile. Also those of you who might be having trouble suspending your disbelief (this even in the context of a web comix that has prominently featured, ultra-rich girlfriends, magic books, ninjas, time-travel and alternate universes) — there’s this thing called bisexuality, you know? As in having the potential to be attracted to and/or to be in relationships with people of both/either sexes/genders. Also expressions on both of their faces second-to-last panel wicked cute!

    1. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. 😀

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