Man that's a lot of pink. Well, that's all she wrote for season 14! I can't believe it's over already... they really do fly by (for me anyway). WHAT WILL HAPPEN OMG.

5 thoughts on “Meds

  1. lol buttercup seems to be reakin out a bit more then Alexis but really made me laugh was that zlexis was like mmmthat was great need pain meds now not really caring she just had mind blowing sex with hier ex’s wife, but SP such is life all good thing must come to an end tho this is a pretty good place story wise to end it nottoo much of a cliff hanger moment excellent work team JD

    1. also on a side note on your tumblr thing y I taken back the damn rainbow i like rainbows adn i’m not homosexual also Im taking back words used to discribe homo sexuals like gay gay means happy not all homo sexuals are happy so youcanvery well call them gay and fagot how does a pile of sticks denote a person that enjoys the company of the same sex?

      and on a side side not the last pic on the tmblur thing i think that marciline and princess bubblegum that awesome they would make a great couple

      1. You’re allowed to like rainbows and not be gay! Good luck trying to take back the words, though… As much as I’d like the f-word (not fuck) to exist, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

        You should totally make a Tumblr! It’s super lots of fun, and the community is just really awesome.

        And on Bubbline: Don’t they?!?! ­čśÇ

        1. SP Im curious how much fun do youhave drwaing the answers to questions and which one has ben you fravorite so far also thanfor gettign the question to Jen and kylemade me smile

        2. I like drawing the answers a lot! Some of the questions I get are totally out there, and not at all what I’m expecting people to ask… but it makes it interesting… Some of the things I get in my inbox make me want to close it to only people with Tumblr accounts though, so I can block “certain” people. All of your questions have been great though! Thanks for asking them! ^_^

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