Maybe Not The Best Laid Plans

I really can't believe it's already a new season... wow. I really gotta get crackin' cause I still gotta finish the storyboarding for this season... it's all written out, just gotta do all the sketches and dialogue and stuff. This is many times the hardest part. So this is another two-season storyline! Dean and I came up with this storyline something like four years ago, I think... I've been really excited to do it since! It's quite an epic season ^_^ I hope you guys like it.

5 thoughts on “Maybe Not The Best Laid Plans

  1. Errr right dad give a 16yr old kids a room key to a las vagas hotel nothing can go wrong with that

    1. It’s just a business card… I’m not sure if they had card keys in 1988…?

  2. Oh on a side note either kyle and jenny are eloping or hes going to make sure hes about to be come a proud papa my money is on the first

    1. I dunno…their faces in the back of the car don’t look very “Tee hee…we’re eloping!” My first instinct was he was taking her to see if she was pregnant and if so, get rid of it, but that isn’t very Kyle-esque. Though, it IS rather late (or early…either way, it’s obviously not daytime) for them to be going to a doctor. So yeah, I have no effing clue, haha.

      1. which is why i suggested the eloping and no running off in the middle of thenight and not telling yoru fols why is not a fun or tee hee kind of tought if they are pregnate well kyle is more or less doing this to cover his own as with his crazy irish mom seriously you dont understand the kinda guilt and shame they can heep upon you for somthing like this even if its false alarm

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