Dropping The Bomb

bwahaha, and that's where I leave you for two weeks >:D I will be on my annual trip to lurvely southern Cape Cod next week, which is much needed. And so I leave you with this fun cliffhanger! :D I hope the smexy will keep everyone tided over until then, at least ;) Comic will be back on the 22nd!

8 thoughts on “Dropping The Bomb

  1. noooo so evil i hate cliff hangers 🙁 but have fun

  2. GREAT GOOGILY MOGGILY talk about a wake up call Kyle probly feels like a right fool now my brother was in situation like this once he totalty freaked out as the last thing he wanted to be compaired to is our sisters who had kids out of marriage, soooo yeah i kinda know whats going to happen next * puts on his anit-Irish catholic ranting ear muffs* i have spare pairs any one wants a set?

  3. What’s interesting is that this revelation comes even while he’s pulling out a condom, meaning he obviously knows to use them. Either they “forgot” at some point or it’s just a false alarm. I honestly don’t know which one.

  4. well sam there was the first time few times when they were going at it like rabbits and up at the cabin i think there was one time when they were drinking that they may have forgot

  5. True, there were opportunities, it’s just that I don’t usually see exceptions with teenagers — they tend to be one or the other, either not bothering or insisting on it every time.

    Then again, one of my friends never made it a secret that he always carried at least three around with him at all times, and he’s now a father of two very unintentional children. <.<

  6. Now there’s a mood killer…

  7. Oh yes you should stop right now, before you get double pregnant

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