Juvenile Sexy Space Cadet Diversion.

Clearly I've been watching too much anime. But super-fun to draw! Listen to this song... It goes super well with this picture. Also, why has no one heard of this band?! D: The last filler was modern-era JD girls, and this filler is future-era JD girls... so maybe I'll do something like Victorian times or the '20s next ;) Oh... and here's a bigger version, if you're interested.

4 thoughts on “Juvenile Sexy Space Cadet Diversion.

  1. Awesome another page for the win bin SP, but I totaly love meg’s and Erin outfits well they all look amazing really, tis truelly apitty i cant join them =p also nice music acompanyment kiddo and one more thing ERIN I LOVE YOU !!

    1. ps Sp awesome thanks for drawing my question to erin tho it occured to me i should have spified i what m gender was and allthat jazz o well still made my laugh thank you very much

      1. oh well, no problem! It comes up as anonymous, so I had no idea who asked the question XD Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

        1. I enjoyed it very much and continue to enjoy it thank you again.

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