Erin Timmons: Moment Killer

This is one of those episodes that didn't have an ending 'til Dean came up with something perfect... so thank him for this :D I'm gonna warn you guys early that it's gonna be filler again next week... I hate to do it, but I'm sure you all know the reason. : I get to be at work from 8am to 7pm next Friday! Whoopee! You guys can all make this stop, by the way. Just ... stop shopping 8|

2 thoughts on “Erin Timmons: Moment Killer

  1. Ha Erin you crack me up ,and on that note imnot sure if meg likes the attention or is annoyed right now

    excellant work again Sp and thankx Dean for the entertaining ending and I’m happy to see the word schtupping getting used here the younger generations lexicon is getting rather weak

    1. 😀 Thank you ^^
      That’s Erin’s vocabulary… She likes to randomly use words from other languages (Much like myself XD)

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