Woo, I’m stoked, I got the comic done early! And I was sick this week, so I have no idea how that happened.

This rarely happens, a conversation with Jason and Kyle as well as a conversation with Alicia and Jenny in one comic. Some crazy transitioning action, but I think it worked out. I don’t think Jenny really wants Alicia to have sex with Jason that bad, I think that Kyle’s just starting to get in her head a bit ^_^

As for my life, I went to an MxPx concert on Saturday night that BLEW MY MIND. I am still pretty much achey all over from pogo-ing all night, and I think I pulled a muscle in my right leg, so now I walk like an old lady. But I did notice something really crazy and awesome… one of the opening bands was called TAT, you’ll probably hear all about them in AMP and Alternative Press magazine soon… but their drummer’s name is Jake I found out, and here’s the crazy thing: HE HAD THE SAME EXACT TATTOO AS JASON. I’m not even kidding. Same color, size, place, exact same-fricken-design! Holy crap! The only unfortunate thing was that he looked nothing like Jason… but his name is close and he plays drums, too! I was like, whoa!

So anyway that was my gnarly weekened. Then I was sick all day Sunday, but it was totally worth it. If you don’t have any of MxPx’s records then I highly suggest you go out and buy some (starting with Before Everything & After which is my favorite album). And TAT’s debut album comes out October 28th! They rock! And they’re British! What more could you want?