I’ve been to enough sex stores to know that that cashier’s not very sketchy-looking. He’s not even ogling Erin! I came to the conclusion that perhaps he’s gay. What better place to work when you’re gay, really? Or any sexual preference, I guess. You would know exactly what the customer’s buying so you know what they’re into! It’s genius!

But I digress.

Yeah, so I think I over-used the whip joke for this season, anyway. Originally in my sketch of this episode, Jenny was also holding a pair of handcuffs, too, but they didn’t really fit in the panel. Also, the comic was laid out in four rows instead of three, but I think it fit better this way.

Also, I never thought when I was looking up ’80s porn that I would need more than five megabytes of material… I’ve seriously used several pictures in more than one place… don’t know if you guys can actually find them, though. As usual, I blame this on Kyle.

And I’ve never actually used strawberry-flavored lube before, so I have no idea if it’s classy or not. But I suppose, looking through Kyle’s dirty and perverted mind, that it’s the cleanest thing I could think of ^^;

Good times.