Important Gifts

Almost back to normal time! I'm definitely ready to be done with flashbacks ^^

7 thoughts on “Important Gifts

  1. Sword kinda spookie. Remind me, didn’t the sword come from Terra in the first place? Also who’s the dude in the car? Just curious.

    1. I haven’t mentioned where the sword came from yet!

      And the dude by the car is Diane’s manservant 🙂

  2. Also, when (and why) did the expression “a hot minute” change in meaning from “an unusually short time” to “an unusually LONG time” ? Again, just curious.

    1. This in reference to the “”News! Comic next week!..” post below from way back in May.

    2. I had to think about this! I think that I’ve only ever used it sarcastically to refer to myself. In like, I take a long time to get things finished, so it’s not really a hot minute per se, I’m just referring to myself being slow XD

  3. Well, she’s just been given a pretty good letter opener…

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