Last page of the chapter!

OK so… I’m gonna get this out of the way. I need to take a wee break from the comic. I’m definitely not sick of it! It’s just been a real long time since I started doing this and I’ve never actually taken a vacation. You know how you’re supposed to get vacations from work? Yeah, I’ve never done that with this job.

I want to call it a vacation rather than the h-word, because obviously, I’ll be coming back. Honestly, I just need to relax, and turn off my brain for a bit. I want to work on getting some other projects done, getting my YouTube back under control (yes, I know about the whole COPPA thing), and figure out a better schedule for myself.

One of the best news I have is that my hours for my day job are going to be changing next month! Right now, I usually work 2-10ish, and our store is ALWAYS open til 10pm, even on holidays. This has been one of the main reasons why I’ve been so spotty with uploads. But the good news is our hours are going to be finally changing, and I’ll be out of work at 8pm during the week and 5pm during weekends! This especially has me ecstatic, since that’s basically a whole half a day left ^_^

So once all this is underway, I should be able to figure out a way better work schedule overall for myself, and I can probably get more art done! Woo! (It’d be nice if I could quit my day job, but I’ll take what I can get!)

Thanks for all your understanding everyone, and I’ll be back next year with a new chapter of JD! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season! Rah rah sis boom bah!