Ugh, sorry about this being late guys, I’ve been superly busy with work and the gym and everything. Basically I go to the gym three times a week like I’m supposed to (and everyone is supposed to!) and I’m thinking “Hey, I should do the comic.” And I sit down a bit and then I forget to get back up, and then it’s dinner time, and then I’m just too tired at that point to do any coloring. But I finished this Thursday night at about 9pm, but it had to wait because the Internet sucks at my house and I just really gotta upload it at Dean’s house. Usually I do Friday’s comic on Wednesday afternoon after work or whatever, but now I’m going to the gym on Wednesday, and like I said, stuff happens.

But I guess it’s better than being a 22-year-old with high blood pressure.

So this may be the only comic with the pirate speak, and the Irish accent, all in one episode. That will probably never happen again, but you never know. It may. Either way, it came out good so I think it’s worth the few hours later that it will come up and you guys will see it. It should probably be about 12-12:30 EST, which is my time, more or less.

But yeah, there’s your news post. Time to go watch America’s Got Talent. Enjoi the Olympics!