Oh, I forgot to mention last week that this was the third mini story line of the season. And with this episode, we are halfway done with season 11 (!)… Jeez, I gotta get crackin’ finishing season 13…

All I can really say about this episode is that it took forever… 10 panels does that. Oh and if people don’t know, Jenny is using what is called a phonebooth. It’s what people used to use when they were away from home and had to call someone, before they had cell phones.

I think I found the way I like to shade now! I’m really happy with the result of my shading for the last couple of comics… It’s kinda still cel-shaded, but a bit softer… I dunno, I just like the look. But again Irish accents are still a bitch to put down on paper XD

K, enjoy the comic guys!