With Great Power

"The lightning bolt makes it cooler!" Hey guys! Welcome to season 20... Whoa, did it come fast or what? So good news (well, for me, anyway)... I got a new job! I'm still working my freelance job, but on top of that I will also be a clerk/cashier at CVS! Fun, fun! Unfortunately, JD does not make enough money to sustain anyone. My orientation is on Monday, and I believe I'll be starting pretty immediately. Not sure how much or how many hours I'll be working yet. If I have any trouble getting the comic up on time, I will definitely give you guys a heads up. In the meantime, enjoy season 20! I think you guys are gonna like it! ^^

5 thoughts on “With Great Power

  1. Haha, Chris knows his customer base.

    1. Seeing Kyle react to technology reminds me of the Robot Chicken sketch “Robotic Longevity.” If you’re familiar, you’re probably already laughing, if not, it’s on YouTube. THEN you’ll laugh.

  2. All that in glorious choppy 3-D polygons! ­čśÇ

  3. They’re the best graphics the eighties have ever seen! I call it “16-bit processing!”.

  4. “My 5999 previous attempts all failed horribly!”

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