Oo! Look at my new ad boxes! Aren’t they spiffy?

Sorry about the porntastic-ness of this episode. Or, maybe… you’re welcome? Either way… what a way to end the season, eh?

I just realized there may be a lot of new readers because of all my ads floating around on the web right now… Better start working on the next fan service, I suppose.

Oh yeah, and you may also be wondering why this episode doesn’t suck so much. Well, this is because I actually put the extra effort into inking it… Fortunately I will be doing this from now on, but unfortunately JD will only be updating once a week starting next week again. Back to only Fridays again. Sorry, but I gotta go back to school, and I really won’t have the time… but I’ll still try to do as much art as I possibly can.

So, enjoy!