What’d I Do Now?

Sooo... Something is wrong? So, this is the second-to-last comic of the season (freaking already, holy crap), next week will be the last comic of this story line... AND THEN... well, and then I have to take a bit of a break. Hopefully only one week, but Dean and I are still bantering over the next season, so we haven't quite gotten it finished yet 8| It's almost there... And by almost, I mean, there's a big gaping hole in the middle of the season, which is usually what happens. We've gotten pretty much the beginning done, and kind of the end, but it's still in debate. It's uhhh... gonna be kind of a big, crazy, and somewhat dramatic season. Anyway! If you guys haven't checked it out yet, you should check out my livestream, since I've been trying to update it more often... I livestreamed the entirety of this episode this week!
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3 thoughts on “What’d I Do Now?

  1. “What’d I do now?”

    You bought too much porn, obviously!

  2. I forsee a break up in future yes.

  3. Women, am I right?

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