Argh, not the best drawn episode, but I’ve got lotsa other stuff to work on… so I’m a little winded, I guess. Besides, this episode is kind of more of a cliffhanger/transition thingie, so I’ll save the good drawing for the last four episodes of this season.

(…no really, I’ll keep drawing well, I’m just procrastinating)

So this semester is OK so far, I like most of my classes, ‘cept I’m not thrilled to take E-Commerce Technologies… I can just hire someone to do that for me, right? Can’t I just design stuff? (*ugh*) My teacher doesn’t want to hear that, though.

Hey, for good/bad news (whichever you prefer) I think I started playing WoW again… I mean I have, but for good, we’ll see. I’ve been playing on Llane, and I’m a Draenei Paladin named Katalan, if you wanna say hi. I also have a human paladin named Evangeline (formerly Katchoo), and a Draenei shaman. Dean’s got a human paladin named Cko, and a human mage named Dierly, and a night elf hunter named Bko… all on the same server.

Hey, now… we’ve almost hit 20,000 pageviews (unique, don’t forget!) Holy crap! It’s only been like, four and a half months since 10,000… my God! I can’t believe how popular we’re getting! But yeah, there’ll be a 20,000 readers on DA probably on Saturday, since I’ll probably get a chance then. Thank you everyone for reading and telling people about the comic and so forth and so on. You guys are awesome! *hug*