But did it all work? Did it make them closer as a band? I'd like to think it did. And that's it! Ze end of ze season... I'm taking next week off mostly because I just REALLY need a break... Between working a good portion of my week at CVS, then spending a day a week on my other job, plus JD takes almost two full days... I just need a little vacation. March 6 will be the beginning of (holy carp) chapter 21, which as I mentioned before, is part two of the trilogy. So I'll give you the title at least... It is "Broken Mirror." So take that with what you will, and I will see you in two weeks! :D

5 thoughts on “Vagin-Abled

  1. It’s Kylema 1/2! 😀

  2. Not gonna lie, completely forgot they were a band… :/

    1. It wasn’t terribly long ago last time they had practice… I guess it was about eight months ago, but in comic time it was only about five-six days ago XD

  3. Well, I guess that horrible book was right; his ordeal is just beginning.

    Chris, buddy, you keep this kind of thing up and you’re probably going to get straight-up murdered. Either by an unhappy guinea pig or by the government, who won’t want you running around with this kind of stuff.

  4. Chris GOT to stop hanging out with Tedd from El Goonish Shive… XD

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