Poor Meg. This is pretty much why I haven't responded to all the comments about Vienna and how everyone said they liked her. Not because of what she says, but because this is the last time you'll see her for awhile. I might do fan service pictures of her, though. That's possible. So. What else to talk about. Hmm. I'll be done with midterms after Friday, and I'm down to only working on Sundays now, so hopefully that will give me a bit more time to work on art stuff. There is going to be a five-page long super special episode for Halloween, that I'll put on DeviantArt. I'll post it when it's ready. Anyway, I suppose that's it. Enjoy the comic!

4 thoughts on “Unfulfilled

  1. Aw man, you got rid of her awesome ankh?

    1. It’s not an ankh, it’s the symbol for female.

      1. Venus, to be precise.
        Or nitpicky, but who gives a fuck

        1. It’s both, but for Meg it’s the female symbol

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