For (supposedly) being on the verge of blackout drunk, he sure seemed to use a lot of COMMON SENSE.

5 thoughts on “Trysexual

  1. Okay so, I officially want to murder Kyle. Anyone wanna help?

    1. Because he was with two girls, or…?

  2. There are some things that are known at a fundamental level for guys, no matter how impaired one is. That no one will ever believe you had a threesome without proof, unless you have several million dollars , is one of them. These things happen so seldom that, to assert you had one, is almost like claiming to have leprechaun gold in your basement or to have offered Bigfoot a seat at your camping cookout.

  3. So.. were they already halfnaked before he entered, or…?

  4. Hey, I hadn’t noticed before, but Corky isn’t nearly as drunk as Julie or Kyle here. This tells a lot about her.

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