And that’s all she wrote for season 11! I can’t believe it’s over already. Next week will be a cool thing ‘specially since it’s almost JD’s fifth anniversary! Woo, isn’t that awesome? I wanted to do a contest or something for it, but I don’t really have time to judge it 🙁 But if you wanna do fanart or fan comics or whatever, I will shower you with love C:

OK, so I know someone will ask, so Kyle just showed Jason this room. And doesn’t Buttercup look better now? 😀

So next week is an anniversary thing, and I hope to have season twelve up the week after! This season ends kinda abruptly, but that’s only because season 12 literally picks up almost immediately after this one. And it is FULL of flashbacks. Lots and lots of ’em. So have fun with that.

So enjoy!