The TERRA Files 005

I'll keep looking around... as soon as I'm done with my Bagel Bites.

5 thoughts on “The TERRA Files 005

  1. One would hope to avoid virtual toilet training.

    1. She doesn’t even know how the three seashells work!

  2. So I am trying to figure out “when” this is. Actually there are two different “when” questions. What time is “now” as depicted in our Bolthole simulation and then what time is “now” really — as in what actual time is our Terra (bot/AI-core) physically located? These two times are not necessarily the same thing. Based on flat-screen TV on the wall, electronics, and general decor, I would place the “when” for the simulation as roughly any time from not earlier than maybe 2010 to the present (2021) and “where” would be “standard somewhat nerdy US multifamily home probably rural or exo-burbs” (based on books, geek figurines in the headboard display (nice touch, that!), and lake/mountain-view outside bedroom window. And bagel bites so defininitely not in Europe or somewhere like this) So this simulted “when and where” are not the “real-time concurrent with the 80’s” where our (regular) human teen bandmember characters live. Based on available clues so far, that is. BTW: Olive oil, salt and pepper, nice.

    One possibility, this corresponds to a simulation of alternate-universe-beard-wearing-future-incarnation Chris’ home. If we guess his age of lower-to-mid-thirties relative to roughly 12 in “comic time” then this is about right.

    How and I doing, so far?

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