Sorry for the lack of an update on Friday, but I can’t always get one in on time… you understand.

So I did a few changes to the site if you hadn’t noticed… moved a few links around, added a quicker storyline jumping box thing… just trying to make it more convenient for everyone… plus the season four cover is up in the archives… check it out if you haven’t on DA.

The beginning of the Halloween/Jenny’s party storyline has begun! I’m also a bit sad and happy at the same time… this is the last storyline of this season. Surprisingly enough, there are only a few weeks left until season six! (which I am very scared for my life to draw… you’ll see…)

Oh yeah, and sorry about the bad text bubbles… I did this episode on Dean’s computer and everything’s set differently on his than on mine… but I have my laptop back so all’s well.

P.S. I finished Harry Potter 7 today… woot! (I will draw more now!)