God, I really hope an episode actually comes out on time for once. I’m working so hard to come up with two episodes a week, and ComicGenesis and their SERVER ISSUES! *pantpant* It’s OK, it’s supposed to get fixed soon.

So, it’s a new day in the comic… supposedly it’s a few days later or so. Season five takes place in about two and half weeks about, and it’s pretty much scattered with several small storylines that accumulate into one big storyline altogether. Consider this the beginning of the second of the mini-storylines.

But yeah! I’m really excited because this is finally when I actually really have the band play all together and stuff. Woo! It only took me two years!

But anyway, enjoy the comic and go ahead and check out the next dressup… it’s Jason! (yay!) Sooo, have fun with that!

Until, Tuesday…