First of all, I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July. Mine was pretty slow (I actually had a two-hour nap as well). I feel like I’m getting old.

So! New storyline! The beach storyline! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. In case you’re wondering, it’s a little while after the previous episode (maybe a few days or so). I know it kind of jumps a bit from the last storyline, but it does all blend together, trust me.

Well, this’ll be the last post before Dean and I go on vacation, so I won’t be posting again until July 17… So, enjoy the beach episodes, while I go visit the beach in Cape Cod!

Feel free to leave me messages on DeviantArt, ComicSpace, MySpace, etc. I won’t have Internet access until I get back (as of July 8 – July 14), but I’ll check everything as soon as I’m back! Promise!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the comic (as usual),