That’s The Straw

Argh, there are a bunch of things that I could've done better in this comic, but it took me so long as it is... I worked on it a couple of hours on Sunday, then about five hours on Wednesday, then another hour or so on Thursday. What the hell. It could've been because I did this comic entirely on the computer, instead of sketching it out, and then inking it and coloring it the way I usually do. I thought that by just drawing the simple shapes onto the computer first, and then inking them afterwards, it wouldn't take as long. I think it was just because there's like, three different places, and a lot of stuff going on. I never thought inking would take FOUR HOURS though >:((( I hate inking >:( So anyway, it probably would've been a little easier if I had more than one full day off to myself as well. Plus I went shopping on Wednesday, and bleh... there was just a lot of stuff going on. But I got it finished. So. OK, I'm done! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “That’s The Straw

  1. For a moment I thought it was Brent Sienna from PVP you had put behind the counter there 😀

    1. All he’s missing is the glasses

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