This, along with lots of other prints and things, will be available during the second VT Comic Con in Shelburne, Vermont, the weekend of September 19-20! I’m really excited as it is my very first booth at a Con, and I’ll have things you may have seen before, as well as a bunch of things you haven’t seen! If you’re anywhere in the area that weekend, please come visit! There are a ton of awesome guests this year, and many amazing artists, and lots of cool vendors!

I know you guys are probably wondering where the comic is… it’s in the works! It took more time than expected, since last week I needed to babysit two dogs, and it ate up a lot of my free time (what little I did have due to working eight days in a row -_-). As of Tuesday, chapter 22 is completely written, and now it’s time to storyboard. Since I like to have a bit of buffer of storyboard before I begin to do the final pages, I was going to try and aim for September 4, but please don’t get too angry if it’s not up until the following week. And I also have some more things to finish before the Con the week after that! It’s been extremely busy for me lately, and I thank you guys profusely for being so patient with me! And I think you’re going to find the next chapter is well worth the wait.