Well! First of all I hope everyone enjoyed season four. It was really hard to draw at times, but I got through, like I knew I would!

I’m not wasting any time at all and I’m diving right into season five, which starts… Tuesday! It’s a really good one! I promise!

I’ve been super busy because I’m working five days a week now at two jobs, and I’m still making time for JD and art and stuffs like that. Don’t worry, I’ll still update on time, I’m about three episodes ahead still. I even made a new flash… you can dress up Alicia! Just check it out on my DeviantArt page… and also check out the mini-comic I did on DA featuring me and Dean (for 100 comics!).

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the flash and the comic, and all that… I know recaps aren’t the most exciting thing, but they, I believe, are necessary. So, anyways, until Tuesday, enjoy!