This is one of those episodes that doesn’t seem like it’s very important… but… it may just be. And that’s all I’m gonna say *zips her lips*

Let’s just say the pawn shop had a makeover. I know that it looked completely different the last time I drew it, but my drawing’s also gotten better since then, and I don’t usually copy and paste backgrounds now, etc, etc. I think I did a fairly good job with the shading and stuff. I spent enough time on it… I think that shading for dusk is probably the hardest time of day. Did you know that DeviantArt has no tutorials on this type of thing specifically? I am appalled 🙁

But yeah, so I figured it out myself, anyway. I usually don’t shade in layers for comics, because I know what I’m doing, but for this comic, it kind of had to be done. So yeah. That’s about it.