Just in case it wasn't obvious, all the cheerleaders are there. It's just hard to fit 12 characters in one panel. Or one page. I'm super proud of this page, the punch line especially. Corky's been moving toward this goal for a while, and I always planned for her to grow. She needed a catalyst for her to move on from cheerleading. Julie was a huge part of that catalyst. There is definitely some character development coming. But Missy will continue to be terrible, surprising no one.

3 thoughts on “Resignation

  1. Character development out of Corky definitely is a surprise. Ah, but where do you go once you’ve conquered the heights of cheerleading? Politics? Fast food? Cat burglary? Gymnastics, maybe? The skill sets involved are somewhat specialized.

  2. Michelle swears there was a rug underneath just a second ago!

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