End o’chapter 25

OK, so I know you guys aren’t going to love this, buuuuut… I need to take a small break from the comic. Not because I’m not enjoying it, but because I have quite a bit of work to finish before I can get back to working on comics for myself again. I have a huge commission I’ve been working on for a few months, and I’m planning on finishing it within the next few weeks. Once that’s done, it should open up much more free time for myself, and I can get back to working on JD. And because I unfortunately still need to work a full time job to support myself, JD’s going to have to wait a little bit. I have now realized the limit of how many jobs one person can do -_-

That being said, I’m aiming to have the next chapter start April 13… But who knows? Maybe it’ll be earlier. I don’t think it’ll be later than that, but I will definitely keep you guys posted. Thanks for being patient, everyone!