Ugh. These server issues… There are a pain, eh? Just so everyone who doesn’t know, you can read the comic on ComicSpace, if you don’t already know, to read the comic on time.

As for the comic, not my best work, I know. But Dean’s idea for a joke, and usually his punchlines are a lot funnier than mine. He wants the whole Kyle/Jason yaoi thing to become a reoccuring subject, but I don’t know. (Not that I don’t imagine the two of them… umm… never mind…)

Oh, and since everyone seems to be enjoying them, and since I have way too much fun making them I made another dressup. This time it’s Jenny… and I spent a lot more time on it than the Alicia one. My goal is to go back to each one after I finish all six, and combine them, and make the originals even better… so you’ll have even more clothes to dress them up in. I’m glad everyone’s enjoying them!

So, as usual, enjoy the comic and I shall see you Tuesday!