wew… crazy layout is crazy.

Sorry for the lack of a news post last week… I was just lazy, there’s no real reason. OK! So finally my ninja! So she’s Jenny’s cousin and her ninja name is 秋の風 (or Autumn Breeze). I haven’t decided her birth name yet… but I assume it will be something geeky. She’s kind of a fail ninja, as you will see.

Heh, lol, the ninja car is based off of my 1989 Honda Accord that I had for three years… But mine was in slightly better condition. The only duct tape on it was on the driver’s side window (when I broke it one winter) so my window didn’t work, I had a huge dent in the back, I was missing a hubcap, and it tended to break down every time it rained really hard. XD That was a blast owning that thing, but I do miss it still a bit! Oh, and it didn’t like large hills XD (and it didn’t legally pass inspection either)

Well, that’s about it! Enjoy the comic.