So, I was told recently that I needed to work on my anatomy. I took this as constructive criticism, especially since the person that told me went through a ton of work basically redrawing an entire piece that I had done. I swiftly saved it for future reference, and looked at my art a little more closely. So. I figured that maybe I could try doing that in the comic as well… I think this comic was a good one to try it on. I used different photos for four of the panels (just random photos I found on Google), really easily actually… And I was able to translate my style pretty simply into the references. You can probably tell which panels weren’t referenced XD

The guy that I used as reference for the hair gel panel was quite attractive (almost how I picture Jason in about 5 or so years) … I tried not to make Jason look too old… he came out way too sexy XD

Anyway! I’m sorry this episode is kinda blah dialogue-wise… The real dialogue is in the body language and stuff.
I’ll shut up now 😛