And so the exciting conclusion of the Fuchsia Night auditions! Wew! On to other exciting things.

So, Izzy, you have seen her before, it has just been … a while. She may have been a certain sleepover way back when. Her hair got a tad longer XD Izzy’s full name is Izzabelle Chen, she’s Chinese, and like pretty much all the other cheerleaders, she has another hobby, which happens to be playing bass.

But Nick! I’m really excited about him, because he’s actually going to be a reoccurring character, albeit not for a little while. His full name is Nicholas Ramirez, he’s 16, a junior, and a super-sexy Latino (not that there are any other kind of Latinos XD). He’s really good at two things: Playing guitar and surfing. And I really wanted him to have purple hair =_=

That’s about it, enjoy!