Sorry ’bout the lack of a news update last Friday… This is actually one of those episodes where I was like, “Yeah, this is gonna suck, but oh well.” and it turned out it didn’t suck as hard as I thought it would… which is good. Yay.

So I’ve been super-busy with work mostly lately, which is why there has been a lack of a fan service… I am definitely working on it. It has already been drawn and is in the line art stages, I’m hoping it will be done by Wednesday which is my day off this week, and more than likely I will do Friday’s episode probably on Wednesday, too. As well as all my laundry, which is kinda piling up… gah! Too much work to do!

So… yes, I will definitely have the drawing done by Wednesday… and if it’s not up on DA then, it will be definitely by Friday. So there… there’s your update on the fan service. Twenty-three hours of work three days in a row is not fun 🙁

Enjoy the comic!