Little Kyle

Meow! :3

5 thoughts on “Little Kyle

  1. kyle is afraid of cats huh

  2. It’s quite difficult to see what’s going on in the penultimate panel. Is the ladder sliding down (if so, the lawn and dirt below must be smooth enough to play golf on it) or falling (in which case there must be a perspective error) ?

    1. well I’d say by the look on his facehe’s falling backwards and towards the camnera as it were if yo take the shoot from panel 4 you can easily tell hes falling backwards and the reduced height of the ladder is from the fact he’s so far into the fall are the simpler wasy to depic this yes but i feel that SP did a fine job in that action panel some times you have to look at the whole page not just one panel

    2. I guess the best way to describe it is that the ladder is collapsing (like he didn’t lock it or something)… I had a hard time with this comic because of that D: It was from a completely different perspective originally, but I felt that a panned-out profile shot didn’t do it enough justice ­čÖé

      Anyway, just another reason why he should be using the door! XD

    MEOWCH! That was a CATastrophe! NYANYA, you can’t cli-imb! Need a first aid KIT? That was PURRfect, you stuck the landing! Eight lives left, bro! MEW need to balance-
    *is pulled off stage*

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