So now you know where they get their libidos from… and looks… and general disposition O_o Here’s Connor, Erin, Ryan, Kyle and Shilah’s gay (?) dad, Liam. He’s got a different last name because he and Eileen never married (for shame!)… Supposedly all of their children were born under drunken stupors. But I say probably Erin takes after him and he swings both ways 😉

As for that seventh panel… you knew there had to be a reference at some point… Especially with Liam wearing that outfit XD It was inevitable. Dexys Midnight Runners was a radical band.

So I tried something new with this comic… I really wanted to color it using the pen tool, but I’m still not sure on how to go about doing that… Anyone know any good sites with tutorials or videos, etc? But I ended up coloring it a new way anyway… by creating a new layer above the flats layer, coloring all the shading in with light gray, and simply changing that layer to multiply. It was so easy, and looks fantastically better… I don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago XD Also I tried a bunch of other stuff… Not sure if I like the panel tilt, but it does seem to add some dynamic to the comic…. what do you guys think about all of this?