Last Hurrah

And sometimes, Kyle gets what he wants o_o blegegjuh, sorry this is up so late :( It's not even that great of a comic... I've been battling a fever/cold/sore throat for the last week, I had to call out of work twice :<

5 thoughts on “Last Hurrah

  1. OH jesus my spidy sence is all a fullter over this one they are going to run in to a pissed off and sexy meg and a sexy and probly annoyed Erin

    1. Ps SP i love the wind blowen hair of the gang wel done and i hope your feeling better soon

      1. Hehe, I wish I could’ve made it look better, but I’m glad you like it ^_^

        And thank you! I hope I do too!

  2. this webcomic deserves muuch more hype then it has right now

    1. heh, well thanks Anon!

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